iPhone LCD Screen Maintenance Tips

iPhone LCD Screen Maintenance Tips

LCD Screen Maintenance Tips

To extend the usable life of your iPhone and keep it in top shape, use these tips on care and maintenance:

Keep Your LCD Screen Clean

In most cases, an LCD screen will only require regular wipes to remove dust. If oil or grime gets on the surface of the phone, use 70% rubbing alcohol and a piece of chamois or flannel. Use this to wipe off the surface. Do not use ammonia-based cleaning products, window or glass cleaners, rough cloths or paper towels.

Use a Protective Screen Film

. This will help protect it from the usual problems associated with regular wear-and-tear, such as scratches (which will also eliminate the need for LCD screen scratch repair).

Avoid Dropping the Phone

If the polarized panels break, the liquid crystal solution will leak and cause distortion on the screen. Avoid carrying your phone around during vigorous activity such as exercise and keep it in a protective case. The extra rubber, silicone or plastic barrier will help protect the surface against dents, dings, and scratches. . These cases are usually enough to protect the device from low falls but won’t do much if you drop your phone from a considerable height.

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