How to Recover Photos from Your Broken iPhone

How to Recover Photos from Your Broken iPhone

When your iPhone broke, your initial panic was probably surrounding how you would survive without it. No texting? No emails? No social media access? But then another fear crept in: how would you recover your invaluable photos and memories? While your broken iPhone may seem hopeless at the moment, rest assured knowing there are a few methods you can use to recover lost photos from your device.

4 Ways to Recover Lost Photos from a Broken iPhone

Before writing off your data as a complete loss, try some of the following strategies to recover your photos and data.

1. Recover photos from iCloud, Google Photos, or other cloud-based platforms.

One of the best methods for preventing photo loss is taking preemptive action with your data. Regularly back up your photos to a cloud-based platform like iCloud or Google Photos. Doing so will help to ensure that you can access your photos anywhere from any new device so long as you can log into your cloud-based platform.

Set a time of the week when you consistently back up your photos or turn on automatic backups. The easiest way to manage automatic daily backups on an iPhone is through iCloud under Settings. Tap your name at the top of the screen, and then select iCloud > iCloud Backup. Toggle iCloud Backup to On.

broken iphone laying on top of a macbook to recover photos from the broken phone

2. Sync photos between your iPhone and Mac.

If you’re an Apple enthusiast through and through and own both an iPhone and a Mac computer, you’re in luck. You can set up photo syncing between your computer and phone in a few simple steps.

  • Start by connecting your iPhone to the Mac using a USB or USB-C.
  • On your Mac’s Finder, choose the iPhone from the sidebar. If the device isn’t listed in the Finder sidebar, start by ensuring the cable is connected and that your iPhone appears to be charging. If that is okay, try unlocking your iPhone so that your home screen is active.
  • A screen may appear on the Mac asking if you trust the iPhone and vice versa. Click “Trust.”
  • Select “Photos” from the bar on the Finder screen, and then click “Sync.”
  • In some instances, you may be presented with the option to select which photos or albums you’d like to sync. Choose the checkbox that says “Select Photos to your device from” and then select Photos from the menu. Choose whether you want to sync all photos and albums or select albums. Click “Apply”
  • On the Finder sidebar, click “Eject” before disconnecting your iPhone from the Mac.

3. Utilize third-party recovery tools

Third-party providers have released apps and software over the last few years that allow you to save data on broken phones. In most cases, the software works exactly the same way as iTunes and requires you to plug your broken device into a computer with a USB. You can then select the information and photos that you wish to recover from the device.

4. Repair your broken device or find data recovery services.

If the above strategies don’t work or seem too daunting, visit CPR Cell Phone Repair. CPR is a global leader in fast and affordable phone repair. By repairing your broken device, you will regain access to your photos and other sensitive data. In some cases, our talented repair technicians may be capable of extracting the photos and data from your phone and transferring them to a new device. Rely on us to fix all of the most common iPhone issues, including cracked screens, dead batteries, loose charging ports, Wi-Fi connectivity problems, and more.

All of the above methods should help you regain access to the photos that you have lost. In a worst-case scenario, you may not be able to recover your data and may need to start again. However, the best way to avoid future iPhone data loss is to set up automatic iCloud backups.

Secure your lost data today

When your phone breaks, it’s a harrowing experience. Losing your data only adds insult to injury. Don’t settle for losing access to your sentimental photos and sensitive data. Utilize the above tips to regain access to what you need, or rely on our trusted professionals to recover data on your behalf. To get your iPhone fixed fast and recover data, find a CPR location near you today. Our WISE-certified technicians are experts in iPhone repair and data backup and recovery. Request an estimate today!

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