Checking Android Battery Health

Checking Android Battery Health

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People rely on their Android phones to communicate through voice, social media, email and more. So if your phone battery isn’t working, it can lead to a serious inconvenience. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to monitor Android battery health. We’re showing you how to diagnose and fix any issues you’re experiencing.

Diagnosing The Battery – Too Many Apps?

The first step in diagnosing your phone battery issues is taking a look at your apps. Many times, poor battery life is simply a product of running too many intensive applications at once. Just as a person gets tired from multitasking, so does your phone. If you’re running several apps at the same time, you’ll cause your battery to work harder and thus die quicker.Apps like Battery Doctor let you disable unwanted multitasking like apps running in the background and periodically syncing data. Many times apps perform background tasks without ever alerting the user.

Checking Android Phones

Another way to check your Android phone’s battery health is through the built-in “hidden menu.” Dialing “*#*#4636#*#*” opens a “hidden Android test menu,” designed for basic troubleshooting. Tapping the “battery info” option reveals details including charging status, power source, charge level, voltage, and temperature.

Native Battery Analyzer

Testing an Android battery is also possible beyond the simple built-in diagnostic test. Android phones come equipped with a native battery analyzer that monitors which applications use the most battery power. While only basic information, you can make the decision to delete apps that take up too much of your battery power. However, the tool isn’t as powerful as third-party apps like Battery Doctor that actually manage your application usage.Finding the native analyzer only takes navigating to Settings > Device > Battery on your Android phone.

GSam Monitor

Our next battery tool is the third-party GSam Battery Monitor. Settings you can monitor include app power usage since unplugging your phone, power usage since your last full charge, and power usage since your screen was last put to sleep. The monitor also tells you which app functions drain the most battery.

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Clean Master

Rounding out our battery health tools is Clean Master. This app shines in its ability to give the user notifications about different aspects of their phone’s battery life. For example, if an app is using too much CPU power or battery life, you’ll receive a subtle notification. This information lets you know when you’re running an app that’s taxing your battery life.Using these apps can give you an idea of what’s draining your battery, and what you can do to fix the issue. Though beyond simple monitoring, it’s important to understand that the quicker apps drain your battery, the faster your battery health deteriorates. Batteries only survive so many charge cycles. Monitoring battery usage ensures you’re not wasting precious cycles on unwanted activity.While every phone eventually experiences diminished battery life, these tools will help keep your phone running strong for years to come. The apps allow you to get important data about how your daily usage affects your battery. This helps extend the life of your battery, and phone.

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